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Monthly Archives: April 2018

2 Ways To Keep Hair Healthy

Beautiful, silky and shiny locks are something that everyone desires. It is a natural instinct for all individuals to want to look beautiful, and hair is one of the most important aspects which contribute to a person’s overall appearance. Individuals who are losing their locks are often willing to resort to hair transplant surgery in […]

3 Hidden Causes of Hair loss

Hair loss is a trending topic in Palo Alto, and many individuals who suffer from hair loss (both male and female) are looking deeper into the potential reasons this shedding is occurring and what they can do to rectify the problem. Going to a professional hair clinic to get a consultation or to look at […]

What Is a Robotic Hair Transplant?

Androgenic alopecia is a hair loss disorder which can affect both men and women. When the hair loss affects women, it is called female pattern baldness and when it affects men it is termed male pattern baldness. Robotic hair transplants are a good option one should consider when looking at possible ways to restore one’s […]

How Hair Influences Confidence

The 21st century is a great century to live in because of the ease and convenience of new technology and information. A hair transplant is one of the many luxuries individuals can benefit from by living in this day and age in Palo Alto.   The ever-increasing love for aesthetic perfection seems to be increasing […]