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Monthly Archives: July 2018

Reasons For Hair Loss

It is not uncommon to lose hair, people actually experience this every day. Whether you are brushing it, washing it, styling it, or doing absolutely nothing with it, it is not uncommon to lose a little bit of it through natural shedding. However, if this natural loss progresses and becomes actual baldness, you may begin […]

Benefits of a Robotic Hair Transplant

Hair is important to most people. It doesn’t matter your gender, nor does it matter you age; when someone begins to lose their hair for whatever reason it can be traumatizing. Because of this, many in these situations look for ways to replace the hair that is lost. Many seek methods that involve chemicals and […]

What is Trichotillomania?

What is Trichotillomania? Trichotillomania is a chronic mental health condition fixated on pulling out one’s hair. It is estimated to affect 200,000 people every year in the United States alone. It disproportionately affects adolescent females, but can affect anyone of any age or gender. People affected by trichotillomania find it very difficult to control the […]

Myths about Male Pattern Baldness

Myths about Male Pattern Baldness Also called androgenetic alopecia, male pattern baldness is the leading cause of hair loss in men. It often occurs in a pattern (hence the name), with thinning areas on the right and left sides of the forehead first, and then starting to thin in the front middle of the scalp. […]