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5 Major Benefits of Robotic Hair Transplant in Palo Alto

In the early days of when people start noticing pattern baldness is taking hold, they will want to be sure to work with a local clinic that specializes in hair loss in Palo Alto to minimize the effects. However, at a certain point, a patient might want to consider receiving hair transplant surgery in Palo […]

Recovery Tips to Ensure the Success of Your Hair Transplant in Palo Alto

Making the decision to have hair transplant surgery in Palo Alto can be one of the most exciting experiences of a person’s life. It is a golden opportunity to gain back the look of a full and healthy head of hair. Those who have completed the surgery have claimed that they have much higher confidence […]

Understanding Female Pattern Baldness

When most people think of baldness, they tend to think of the most common type of baldness, namely, male pattern baldness. This is no surprise, since up to half of men over the age of 50 will be affected by some degree of balding or hair loss in Palo Alto during their lifetime. However, what […]

Learning How to Spot the Early Warning Signs Of Male Pattern Baldness

What Exactly is Male Pattern Baldness? Male pattern baldness is a term used to refer to a specific pattern of hair thinning in Palo Alto that follows a pattern of thinning and receding on and around the crown of the head. This baldness is a result of the gradual thinning of individual stands, which eventually […]

4 Best Hair Loss Fixes

Hair loss can happen to anyone. A lot of men and women experience hair loss in the Palo Alto area everyday. If you’ve noticed a bald spot you’re constantly trying to cover up or a thinning hairline, you’ve probably tried one or two products to help with the hair loss. With so many products available, […]