Teledermatology may be the very best way we can connect with you during the COVID-19 pandemic. Most insurance companies consider these video conferences between medical provider and patient a covered benefit, and it is easier now than ever to schedule your appointment with Berman Skin Institute so that we can diagnose your concern and send in prescriptions to your pharmacy, while you are in the safety of your own home.

Click here to schedule your video visit with one of our dermatology providers today.

What is Teledermatology?

Teledermatology, a form of telemedicine, is the practice of dermatology via videoconferencing. In this type of an appointment a patient is linked by videoconference, via phone or computer, to their dermatology provider in our office, and the office visit is completed remotely by two-way video communication.
Such appointments work best for some but not all dermatology appointments. Oftentimes, a minor procedure is needed such as a skin biopsy or freezing a wart or precancerous lesion with liquid nitrogen cryotherapy. Additionally, there are times when a person to person visit is required. This may be determined during your video visit, and a subsequent in-office appointment can be made immediately by your provider.

When can teledermatology be used?

Video visits permit a direct communication between the patient and dermatology provider. A limited physical examination can be performed in most cases after the patient describes the concern to the provider, followed by a treatment plan that is most acceptable to both parties. The dermatology provider can send in new prescriptions to the pharmacy of choice, and can also refill medications when necessary.

These Video Visits between patients and dermatology provider is available for existing patients and for those who have never been to our clinic.

Please download the ZOOM app on your smart phone or computer and call us today to schedule your teledermatology video visit now by calling: 1.888.411.DERM (3367), or click on link above to request more information on these convenient visits that you can do from safety of your own home, or from a quiet place at work.


We'll reimburse your airfare up to $500 in the form of grafts if you fly to our office for an ARTAS® procedure
Patients from all over the world come to our center for the ARTAS® procedure. Let us assist you in your travel expense by reimbursing your airfare up to $500 in the form of grafts if you fly to our office and have an ARTAS® robotic hair transplant procedure on that same trip. Please feel free to schedule your no-charge consultation or call us to learn more. Our surgical center is located near the headquarters of Restoration Robotics, the maker of the device.