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Looking to achieve the ideal hairline by using cutting-edge AI technology and advanced robotics? The ARTAS® Hair Studio™ (AHS) software platform has been an invaluable tool in helping patients in the Sacramento area get their desired results from the hair transplant process.

Hair Transplant in Sacramento With Powerful Robotic Technology

ARTAS® Hair Studio™ software is a powerful program that uses advanced robotic technology to ensure a permanent, fuller head of hair without leaving a linear scar. This technology enhances the hair transplant procedure at each step, from consultation to recovery.

1. Consultation

AHS allows our team to create a hair design that suits the patient’s needs. We’ll take photographs of the patient and upload them into the AHS software to create a 3D model. We will then consult with the patient to set expectations and discover more about their hair loss history and treatment options. With AHS technology, we can identify the ideal positioning and aesthetic outcome based on the patient’s age and goals.

2. Simulations

We’ll present to the patient different possible outcomes of hair transplant treatment using simulation software and the uploaded photos. This process helps answer the fundamental question on most patients’ minds: “What exactly will I look like after getting a hair transplant?” We’ll then agree on the ideal hairline position for the most natural aesthetic for the patient before proceeding with the hair restoration.

3. Hair Restoration Procedure

The ARTAS® procedure helps hair restoration physicians transplant hair without leaving a linear scar. No linear incision is needed, either. Digital imaging technology allows us to place grafts at proper angles and orientations and helps guide the robotic arm during the harvesting and grafting process. Each hair is targeted individually for accurate precision. We can even expand the donor area as needed to include follicles on the chest or back.

4. Recovery

Because the process is performed using advanced robotics instead of the traditional manual procedure, there will be a reduced risk of “shock loss.” Patients also report a faster healing and recovery time than is typical with strip harvesting techniques. The procedure minimizes scarring and helps patients retain a natural appearance while having the freedom to wear their hair however they like — no need to conceal scarring with longer hairstyles.

The ARTAS® technology is a superior alternative for hair transplantation and worth the investment to change your aesthetic appearance permanently, for the better.

Hair Loss Specialist in Sacramento

As a specialist in hair restoration in the Sacramento area, AHS technology is a valuable part of our practice. It has empowered our patients to make informed decisions regarding hair transplantation to achieve their aesthetic goals.

ARTAS® uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help us create an intricate process for natural-looking results, and it harvests hair precisely while protecting donor hair follicles.

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