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Fremont sits at the foot of Mission Peak on the southeast side of California’s San Francisco Bay Area. Filled with a young, active, family-friendly vibe, this city continually wins awards and accolades for the quality of life it provides to residents. Fremont is home to convenient transportation, major universities, dining, shopping, historic districts, and ample cultural activities that merge to offer metropolitan living with small-town charm.

Those living in Fremont have access to quality hair transplant and hair restoration options at a Berman Skin Institute hair loss clinic. This hair loss clinic is one of the top providers in the world of the ARTAS® robotic hair transplant procedure. They also have a number of hair restoration solutions for men and women struggling with hair loss.

Fremont Robotic Hair Transplant – ARTAS® Procedure

The ARTAS® Procedure is a cutting-edge robotic hair transplant offered at this Fremont clinic. It offers a minimally-invasive treatment option to patients looking for more permanent, natural-looking results without the negative effects of traditional hair transplants such as pain and scarring. Advanced technology is used to selectively harvest hair directly from the patient’s scalp to achieve a fuller head of hair.

Berman Skin Institute utilizes ARTAS® Hair Studio™ software to create a digital hair design that can be shared with patients prior to the transplant procedure. This unique advantage combined with our team’s unique expertise with the procedure is just one of the reasons people come from all over to the Fremont clinic of the Berman Skin Institute.

Specific benefits of the robotic hair transplant include:

  • Reduced incidence of “shock loss” which can occur from the manual creation of site incisions on the head
  • No linear incision
  • No linear scar
  • Increased accuracy of graft placement
  • Increased graft survival
  • Increased accuracy of graft harvesting
  • Quicker healing time
  • Expanding the donor area – chest, back, etc
  • Reduced procedure duration
  • Reduced recovery time

Learn more about this advanced treatment option and see the unique qualifications held by the physicians at Berman Skin Institute!

Fremont Hair Restoration – Options for Male & Female Pattern Hair Loss

The Berman Skin Institute also offers exclusive solutions for men and women in Fremont experiencing hair loss. The clinic utilizes platelet-rich plasma (PRP) as a safe and effective treatment option. While this has historically been used to facilitate wound healing, more physicians on the cutting edge are using it to stimulate hair growth.

If this hair restoration solution is appropriate for the patient, the physicians may be able to start administering the treatment at the time of the consultation. Multiple treatment sessions will be required to achieve results and two treatments will be administered at 4-week intervals. Depending on hair growth, more treatments can be given at three-month intervals. Improvement can be expected in the first 2-6 months of undergoing this restorative treatment. The team at the Fremont clinic will work with individuals throughout the process to modify the treatment schedule based on their unique responses to the therapy.

The best candidates for this form of hair restoration therapy are men and women with thinning, but not completely bald, areas. Learn more about PRP therapy and what other hair restoration options are provided at this Fremont clinic!

Fremont Hair Restoration – Eyebrow Transplants

Sometimes the hair needing restoration is not only on the scalp. Some individuals may lose their eyebrow hair for a number of reasons including systemic diseases, alopecia, burns, tattoos, and infections. Many people experiencing this find that this is not cosmetically acceptable and require options to restore their eyebrows.

Eyebrow hair restoration is similar to other transplantation procedures performed on the scalp. It will be a permanent option for appropriate candidates that choose to undergo treatment. As eyebrows have their own unique attributes, the transplants need to be performed by those that specialize in this sort of transplant.

The Fremont hair loss clinic of the Berman Skin Institute can be trusted to perform high-quality eyebrow transplants. The appearance of the transplant will mature over the course of about a year and the patient can seek counsel if an additional procedure will be needed.

Financing Options Provided by this Fremont Hair Loss Clinic

The Berman Skin Institute not only provides the Fremont area with incredible hair restoration and transplant solutions, but they work with their patients to help them afford procedures. Patients can utilize several financing options through CareCredit. They can enjoy interest-free financing for up to 12 months without any down payment.

The Berman Skin Institute can also assist patients outside of Fremont by reimbursing their airfare in the form of grafts up to $500 if they choose to have the ARTAS® robotic hair transplant procedure during their visit.

Schedule a free consultation with this Fremont hair loss clinic to learn more about these hair restoration and hair transplant services.

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