Where Does Donor Hair Come from During a Transplant?

Where Does Donor Hair Come from During a Transplant?

When people think of donor hair, they often imagine a dramatic scene when a doctor announces they found the perfect match for their head of hair. The truth is that there are much more effective ways to harvest hair. In most cases, hair is taken directly from an area of the patient’s body. By relocating the hair in a minimally invasive procedure, patients gain quicker access to treatments and ideal matches.

Finding the excess hair on a patient’s body can also sound a little difficult or painful. Harvesting the hair is done using a painless process. Here are just some examples of where the donor hair for transplant surgeries may come from:


The head is the most common location hair is extracted from. This is because even though the hairline is receding, there are still several hairs that can easily be relocated. Hair on the back of the head, for example, typically is one of the least affected areas of hair loss. The hair is typically extracted from a point that isn’t seen, such as the back or top of the head.


Facial hair is normally very coarse and strong, making it a good second choice if there is not enough hair on the top of the head to do a proper transplant. Beard hair tends to change color and texture in a similar manner as the hair on the head, making it a great way to fill in small spots.


Legs can grow very thick hair that often match the color and texture of the hair on the head. Extracting hairs from the legs can be more difficult, but provide a finer look. This helps to create an even, soft hairline.


While it may sound gross, underarm hair is actually ideal for many types of hair transplants. If the hair is thick, it may be suitable for the top of the head. In most cases, the hair’s texture matches that of the eyebrow. This makes it more ideal for facial hair transplants. In most cases, there are more suitable areas to harvest donor hair, such as the head or beard.

Can You Get a Hair Transplant from Someone Else?

In most cases, hair cannot be taken from another person’s body, as it would be rejected by the immune system. When a person gets a hair transplant in Palo Alto, they need to have ample hair on a donor site on their own body.

Hair transplants can be an effective method to reduce bald spots and combat hair loss. However, hair needs to be donated from other areas of the head, legs, beard, arms, or underarms.

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