5 Major Benefits of Robotic Hair Transplant in Palo Alto

In the early days of when people start noticing pattern baldness is taking hold, they will want to be sure to work with a local clinic that specializes in hair loss in Palo Alto to minimize the effects. However, at a certain point, a patient might want to consider receiving hair transplant surgery in Palo Alto, and minimally invasive technologically advanced procedures like ARTAS procedures not only help to make hair transplant in Palo Alto a much more viable alternative for more people than ever, but can also lead to far superior results compared to more traditional methods.

With that in mind, this article is going to cover five great advantages that patients can garner within the approximate timeframe of just a short year after receiving a robotic hair transplant in Palo Alto. Therefore, this will also help anybody who may still be on the fence to decide if this type of procedure may be right for them.

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1. Quick Healing

Many will avoid considering a hair transplant in Palo Alto because they dread the healing process and the delay between the procedure itself and finally starting to see the results. While candidates of more traditional procedures may have to indeed wait many months before they start seeing results, a robotic hair transplant technique will offer better results faster.

This is because the laser precision allows for increased accuracy, more viable graphs and reduced healing time all with no linear incisions required. Put shortly, since ARTAS procedures use cutting edge technology to ensure effective graft harvesting and the most accurate placement, the patient will likely recover more quickly and start seeing better results sooner.

2. No Linear Scarring

When it comes to hair transplant surgery in Palo Alto, another major deterrent tends to be inevitable is the scarring that goes hand in hand with more traditional methods.

While these scars are not necessarily highly visible, they can reduce the number of hairstyles that might be available to a person after their procedure, thus leaving them feeling restricted in their styling choices. This may include having to avoid up to date looks like crew cuts, classic quiffs, buzz cuts and side parts, just to name a few. This may feel especially restrictive for younger clients, who want to feel free to maintain a healthy sense of self-expression without feeling confined.

However, ARTAS procedures are minimally invasive, especially compared to more traditional methods, and this means that there is no need to make the deep linear incisions that so often result in unsightly scarring. This means that for those who want to still feel free to wear their hair however they please, ARTAS procedures can offer a perfect solution.

3. Enjoy the Most Natural Look Possible

ARTAS procedures rely on techniques that graft right from the scalp itself, and this means that patients can count on the most natural-looking results without any telltale signs. This means that they likewise enjoy the freedom of rocking their bare scalp without having to worry about covering up with caps, comb overs, wigs or toupees.

Even better, a robotic hair transplant in Palo Alto uses cutting edge technology that not only ensures that the best quality and most highly viable graphs are selected, but also allows for the most precise incision techniques to ensure that it will grow back lush, thick and totally natural-looking. So for anybody wanting to ditch their old cover-up for good, a hair transplant in Palo Alto can be a great way to allow them to let their natural beauty shine through. The new grafts will grow back in the same color and texture as before, so second-rate solutions are required!

4. A Permanent Solution

Looking for results that will actually last a lifetime?

Short term solutions might be helpful in slowing the rate of hair loss for a while, but when it comes to the type of investment that will really pay off in the long term, hair transplant surgery in Palo Alto is more often than not the best way to go. With the help of a regular maintenance program administered by a local specialist in hair loss in Palo Alto, candidates often enjoy a full and healthy scalp for the rest of their lives.

5. Reduce Stress and Boost Self Esteem

Pattern baldness may not have any readily apparent health effects, but the added stress and anxiety that can result from feeling that one has to hide their baldness, noticing more and more clumps in the shower, constantly worry about sunburning their exposed scalp or miss out on the latest style trends and looks can actually contribute negative health effects in the long term, not to mention reducing a sufferer’s overall sense of confidence and self-esteem.

Therefore, many people are amazed at how great they start to feel afterwards. Not only do they often find themselves exhibiting a much more confident demeanor, but they often find that much of the daily stress they may have been experiencing has instead been replaced by a healthy dose of self-esteem, which can provide an invaluable boost to their holistic sense of mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health as well.

This means that a hair transplant surgery in Palo Alto can actually open up a lot more doors for people than what they may initially realize going in, instilling them with an overall sense of improved confidence and well-being that will pay off in spades in terms of literally every aspect of their lives. So for those who are suffering from stress and reduced self-esteem due to the onset of pattern baldness, there is no reason to let hair loss in Palo Alto be a bummer. It’s time to reach out and inquire about the viability of permanent procedures like a robotic hair transplant in Palo Alto today!

Disclaimer: We are unable to guarantee any result, even though most of our patients do see success. The results of our services will vary greatly to each patient’s level of commitment and compliance with the program.

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