The Differences in Hair Treatment Options

There are millions of men and women who suffer from pattern hair loss, and there are many ways to try and tackle the issue. After all, who wants to watch their hair grow thinner and less full as they age? Here is an outline of some techniques that may help combat hair loss.

Talk to Your Hairdresser or Barber

If you’re in the very early stages of pattern hair loss, you should talk to your hairdresser or barber at your next appointment. Stylists know different aesthetic tricks of the trade that can make your hair appear fuller than it really is.


If you’re not ready for other forms of treatment, you could opt for a wig or hairpiece of some sort. However, there are a lot of potential problems with going this route. One is that your hair will continue to thin over time. Eventually, you may not want to wear a hairpiece any longer, and the difference between wearing it or not could be dramatic. Wigs need to be matched to your unique hair color, and you’ll want to consult a professional wig fitter to find the right fit.

Medical Intervention

There are a couple of options that can stimulate hair growth, but results are not guaranteed. Minoxidil is a topical solution, and finasteride is a prescription pill. Both of these come with long lists of possible side effects, and like other treatments, are not guaranteed to work.

Hair Transplant

The option where you might see the best results to combat hair loss is hair transplant. In these procedures, healthy hair follicles will be transplanted from one area of the scalp to another. There are many different methods for hair extraction, and Palo Alto offers several locations to get hair transplant surgery.

Some methods of surgery involve taking a narrow strip of skin where there is strong hair growth and surgically placing them in areas where there is baldness. The surgical procedure is meticulous in an effort to preserve follicular cells.

Robotic hair restoration falls into this category, where the surgeon is aided by robotic arms and cameras to make the process more streamlined. Part of what determines the success of the treatment depends on following the surgeon’s instructions before and after treatment. Avoid sunlight, smoking, and alcohol, among other things, to give your treatments the best chance to take.

In short, there are many ways to try and slow the process of hair loss, and many of these methods have indicated at least some success.

Disclaimer: We are unable to guarantee any result, even though most of our patients do see success. The results of our services will vary greatly to each patient’s level of commitment and compliance with the program.

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