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Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Los Altos maintains a small village atmosphere with tree-lined streets, quiet neighborhoods, and a rich historical presence. Los Altos is consistently ranked as one of the most exclusive cities in the US, with many singles, families, and investors flocking to the community to enjoy the top schools and close proximity to the technology mecca.

Many people living in Los Altos and California are in need of hair restoration and hair transplant services to help them look and feel their best in both personal and professional settings. The Berman Skin Institute has a hair loss clinic located in Los Altos that allows patients from all over California and the world to visit the center for a cutting edge ARTAS® robotic hair transplant procedure.

Los Altos Robotic Hair Transplants – Permanent & Natural-Looking Results

Gone are the days of painful hair transplants that leave scarring and less than desirable results. The ARTAS® Procedure offered at this Los Altos clinic is minimally invasive and can provide permanent, natural-looking hair transplant results. The advanced technology will selectively harvest hair directly from the scalp to create a fuller head of hair.

The clinic also utilizes ARTAS® Hair Studio™ software to allow patients to view their own 3D-like simulation on the day of the initial consultation. On the day of the procedure, the patient and physician will work together to create the optimal design, and this plan will be uploaded directly to the robot, so that hair grafts will be placed with greater precision and appropriate densities in different areas of the scalp.

There are many benefits to opting for a robotic transplant over a tradition hair transplant including:

  • Permanent results
  • Reduced incidence of “shock loss” which can occur from the manual creation of site incisions on the head
  • No linear incision
  • No linear scar
  • Virtually pain-free during and after the procedure
  • Increased accuracy of graft harvesting
  • Quicker healing time
  • Reduced recovery time

Dr. David A. Berman of the Berman Skin Institute has been performing these procedures longer than any physician in the world, and that is why this clinic is such a popular destination for those looking for comprehensive hair transplant options. Dr. Berman in fact was the first in the world to utilize this robotic technology in 2006, and continues to be the clinical researcher for the company that makes the device.

Los Altos Hair Restoration for Men & Women

This Los Altos hair loss clinic also provides unique, non-surgical hair restoration “lunchtime” treatment for both men and women.

The best candidates for this treatment are patients that are thinning, but not totally bald. Those individuals that are interested in this new hair restoration solution can set up an initial consultation with the Los Altos clinic. If the PRP therapy is appropriate, the treatment can begin at the time of the consultation and continue as a series of injetions. These treatments usually take less than an hour to perform.

Los Altos Hair Restoration – Eyebrows

Eyebrows are considered to be a critical facial feature that both frame the eyes and give insight into expression. The loss of eyebrows is considered abnormal and many individuals find that it is unacceptable to live with. The Berman Skin Institute clinic in Los Altos provides eyebrow hair restoration transplants for those experiencing a loss due to a number of underlying conditions and genetic predispositions. Those that might consider a transplant include anyone that has lost eyebrow hair due to:

  • Thyroid diseases
  • Alopecia Areata
  • Burns
  • Tattoos
  • Infections
  • Repeated Plucking
  • Congenital inability to grow eyebrows
  • Genetic tendency for eyebrows to thin or disappear over time

Eyebrow restorations can be complicated and differ greatly than normal hair transplants, so it is important that interested individuals choose a hair loss clinic that has specific experience with these types of hair transplants.

Financing Options Offered through this Los Altos Hair Loss Clinic

The Berman Skin Institute and their hair loss clinic in Los Altos proudly offer several hair transplant financing options through CareCredit. They offer interest-free financing with no down payment for 12 months, upon approved credit. Those that are interested in financing options may apply either at home or in the clinic at the conclusion of the consultation.

The Institute also offers assistance with travel expenses for those traveling into Los Altos for a robotic hair transplant procedure. Learn more about this reimbursement and schedule a free consultation regarding the process.

Visit the Berman Skin Institute site to learn more about their services for hair transplant and restoration or schedule an appointment at their clinic in Los Altos today!

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