5 Signs It’s Time for a Hair Transplant

5 Signs It’s Time for a Hair Transplant

Getting a hair transplant in Palo Alto can be a big step that many people are afraid to take. Those considering the leap should carefully examine their situations and determine the root cause of their condition. This can help the doctor develop a proper treatment plan. Those who aren’t sure if they are a candidate for surgery should look at these key factors.

Recovering from a Disease

There are several illnesses that can affect hair growth. Cancer is a prime example, as getting treatments can cause patients to experience a significant amount of hair loss. Once their disease is in check, hair may or may not start to regrow. A hair transplant can help speed the recovery process along. For those still in the early stages of recovery, don’t be surprised if a doctor suggests waiting to optimize results.

Getting Older?

Hair loss tends to affect individuals more as they age. Typically, the signs of hereditary hair loss start to show around age 30 and progressively get worse. Getting professional assistance early can not only help people get a faster hair transplant, it can also help them learn preventative care tips. Contact a local surgeon today to learn more.

Noticeable Bald Spot

One of the worst things in the world is a large bald spot that just won’t go away. It is even worse if that bald spot is in a noticeable location, such as the middle of the head. While combovers and natural hair growth remedies can help, sometimes they aren’t enough to combat a troublesome spot. It is much easier and more effective to opt for hair transplants.

Balding Is Hereditary

Most people who go bald do so because hair loss is common among their family members. If left untreated, hereditary baldness can get worse and worse. By working closely with a surgeon early on, patients are ensuring their look will remain consistent regardless of family genes. Getting started with a surgeon as quickly as possible helps a person make clear decisions to treat their receding hairline right away.

Unhealthy Lifestyle

The quality of hair a person has is a clear indicator of their lifestyle. If a patient is leading an unhealthy lifestyle but is already taking the steps needed to change, they may be ready for a hair transplant surgery in Palo Alto. This could include making extensive changes to diet and exercise routines before the surgeon agrees to operate.

There are several signs that a person is ready to take the next step and get hair transplant surgery in Palo Alto. Learn more about available procedures to find one that truly meets your needs.

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