Benefits of a Robotic Hair Transplant

Hair is important to most people. It doesn’t matter your gender, nor does it matter you age; when someone begins to lose their hair for whatever reason it can be traumatizing. Because of this, many in these situations look for ways to replace the hair that is lost. Many seek methods that involve chemicals and medications. These methods can get expensive, require continuous attention and, at times, are not even effective. This is why many begin to seek out the option of a hair transplant. Traditionally, hair transplants could be a bit invasive as they would require significant cutting and recovery and recover time. This discouraged many from following through with the procedure. However, new innovations have introduced a less invasive method available to Palo Alto residents in the form of a robotic hair transplant. This process has many benefits when compared to alternative methods:


No Cutting

Like traditional methods, this procedure involves removing hair follicle groups from healthy areas on the scalp and placing them in the areas in which the individual is experiencing hair loss. However, unlike traditional methods, this is all done through technology rather than with a scalpel.


No Scars

Because there is no cutting involved, there is also no scarring. In the traditional method, it was not uncommon for scars to appear at the incision sites. However through this method there is no incision site, and therefore, there is no scarring.


Quicker Recovery

Because the procedure method is much less invasive, the recovery is much less intense. There will be no wounds or incisions for the patient to clean or monitor. This will help provide a much easier and quicker recovery process. 


Longer Results

The results for this method are often much longer, and usually even permanent. This is not usually the case in other hair loss prevention and replacement methods. This is because, unlike other methods, this method actually replaces faulty follicles with healthy ones, just from different areas of the head.


More Precise

Because of new innovative technology, this method no longer has to be a guessing game. Instead, this method will use digital imaging and mathematical precision so that density and consistency of the follicle placement will be more precise than could be found using any other method. The follicles will be placed in areas that can guarantee the most efficiency.


Hair is an important quality to many people of every age, gender, and personality. That is why it is so unfortunate that hair loss is such a prevalent issue. If you are looking to counter your hair loss, but you want to avoid any harsh or invasive procedures, look for a robotic hair transplant option near you in Palo Alto. No one should have to deal with the trauma of losing their hair. 


Disclaimer: We are unable to guarantee any result, even though most of our patients do see success. The results of our services will vary greatly to each patient’s level of commitment and compliance with the program.

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