Can Anything Be Done If Someone Receives a Bad Hair Transplant?

Can Anything Be Done If Someone Receives a Bad Hair Transplant?

Dealing with thinning hair or balding is something that is difficult to deal with. But something that’s even worse is dealing with a bad hair transplant. Not only is the patient insecure because of the look of a bad transplant, but they have a lot of disappointment to contend with. The hair transplant was supposed to fix the issue — instead, it made things worse. 

Luckily, a bad hair transplant is redeemable with ARTAS® robotic technology.

What Contributes to a Bad Hair Transplant?

Many things can cause a hair transplant to either fail or simply look bad. These include the following:

  • Grafts that are too large: In the 1980s and 1990s, many patients experienced bad hair transplants because of grafts that were too large. This can result in a looser fit or a random patch of denser hair in an area of thinner hair.
  • Improper hair orientation: These days, the biggest issue transplant patients face is an unnatural hairline, whether too high or too low.
  • Outdated technology: If a clinic uses outdated technology or techniques, a hair transplant may reflect that. Outdated technology can also mean outdated training, leaving you with results you don’t love.
  • Incorrect overall placement: Lack of diligence by medical staff during the procedure can lead to placing the grafts into the subdermal layer of the scalp or blunt punches into the scalp. This can cause cysts to develop in the hair follicles.

How to Fix a Bad Hair Replacement

Fortunately, patients who have received bad transplants don’t have to live with the results for very long. Providers are able to extract the previously placed grafts and replant them. During this procedure, the doctor will remove the follicles and any cysts if they are present. The doctor will then thoroughly clean the area and suture it up. Then, during the hair transplant surgery, the Palo Alto doctor will evaluate where the hairline should be and proceed to replant the hair follicles. The patient will likely experience tenderness and possibly some swelling, as is normal with hair transplant procedures. 

This process has become easier with the use of robotic hair transplants. As technology evolves, robotic hair transplants have given providers access to better planning and research before a procedure.

Reverse Bad Hair Implants With ARTAS® Technology

With ARTAS® technology, Palo Alto patients can enjoy better hairline planning before the procedure. This advanced technology also creates a more accurate application of hair follicles. ARTAS® can safely and effectively remove bad hair transplants and replace them to look more natural, allowing for more precise results than traditional hair transplant procedures.

Benefits of using ARTAS® technology for hair replacements include:

  • Little to no linear scarring: ARTAS® is minimally invasive, removing and replacing hair grafts one by one instead of making a deep incision that can scar.
  • Faster recovery: Even after a hair transplant has gone wrong, ARTAS® laser technology can get you back on your restoration timeline, helping you see results sooner than the alternative.
  • Natural-looking results: If your previous hair transplant created scarring, ARTAS® chooses the highest quality grafts to create natural-looking results so you can wear your hair how you want with confidence.

Why Trust Dr. Berman for the ARTAS® Procedure?

Dr. David Berman has performed hair transplants with ARTAS® laser technology longer than any other physician. Having started his research in 2006, Dr. Berman is an industry expert in hair transplantation, perfecting the process over the course of several years.

Today, Dr. Berman is the Principal Clinical Investigator for Venus Concepts, Inc. and the maker of ARTAS® advanced robotic technology. Choosing Dr. Berman and his team for this procedure will include the most recent updates and technologies ahead of anywhere else — after all, we ensure you receive the highest quality care every time.

Contact Dr. Berman for All Hair Transplants Gone Wrong

Dr. Berman and his team are here to provide the quality hair transplant results you deserve. At your initial consultation, we will assess your previous hair transplant and discuss your outcome goals and our plan of action. Let’s get you one step closer to regaining your confidence — schedule an appointment with us today!

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