What to Expect after a Robotic Hair Transplant

What to Expect after a Robotic Hair Transplant

Robotic hair transplants are an effective way to start re-growing hair or filling in a bald spot. This cost-effective surgery is a great choice for busy individuals who don’t want a treatment that requires a lot of downtime. While the average recovery time is just a few short days, there are still some minor steps patients need to take to aid the healing process.

How to Avoid Swelling

The most common side effect of a hair transplant is swelling. To reduce swelling, use any method that works, such as:

·         Apply ice to the forehead.

·         Take frequent breaks and relax.

·         Drink plenty of cold water.

·         Keep head elevated.

If the swelling persists, a surgeon may recommend medication. Over-the-counter medications designed to reduce swelling or pain may also be used at the surgeon’s discretion. If the surgeon did not mention a brand by name, call them to ensure the pill is okay to take.

While swelling is the most common side effect of a hair transplant, it is not the only one. Take it easy the first few days after treatment to avoid additional conditions springing up.

The Importance of Elevation

After a robotic hair transplant, both the scalp and the new hair follicles will be sensitive. Moving a lot or applying pressure in the wrong area can cause swelling or pain to intensify. Because of this, it is important to sleep sitting up. Many cosmetic surgeons recommend sleeping in a comfortable arm chair or recliner for the first few nights up to a week. If a comfortable chair is unavailable, prop the head up as high as possible using pillows.

Special Instructions

Like with any treatment, it is important to pay close attention to details when discussing treatment options or care with a doctor. If possible, ask for written care instructions or bring a pen and paper for notes. Everyone recovers from surgery a little differently, and the doctor will be able to provide detailed specifics on treatment options or care.

Follow Up Appointments

Whenever someone gets cosmetic surgery or hair transplants, they need to ensure they follow up with their surgeons. While some surgeons may follow up by phone, the majority prefer to see the patient in person. Be prepared to make a trip to the office the next day, the following week, and the following month. In addition to regular checkups, multiple treatments may be needed to maintain the desired look. Missing a follow up treatment or appointment could undo all of the surgeon’s hard work.

Getting a robotic hair transplant in Palo Alto can be an interesting experience. While it sounds like a complex procedure, treatment preparation and post-operative care is fairly simple.

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