4 Things You Didn’t Know about Hair Transplants

4 Things You Didn’t Know about Hair Transplants

While they seem like a very simple and straightforward surgery, hair transplants still have a lot of mystery about them. New patients don’t always understand what it means to get donor follicles transplanted to their head or what after treatment care entails. This brief article is designed to answer some of these questions and help hair treatment candidates make an informed decision about their upcoming surgery.

The Cost of a Hair Transplant

Pricing a hair transplant can be very tricky, especially when multiple transplant methods are being used. For example, most cosmetic surgeons advertise a per follicle rate; however, it may not be clear how many total follicles will be needed to get a desired look. Asking for an estimate before beginning treatment is often recommended, but keep in mind that the price can change at the last minute. The more experienced a surgeon is, the more likely they will be able to provide a proper estimate. Keep in mind that different technology has different costs. Explaining a budget to a surgeon in advance can help them identify the most affordable hair restoration method available.

Hair Transplants Aren’t Just for Men

Simply put: men and women both experience hair loss. While the majority of hair transplant patients are men, many women use the surgery to help combat diseases or get the luscious locks they always wanted. It is also important to note that almost any hereditary disease that affects hair loss can be seen by men or women.

Hair Transplants Require Upkeep

Most hair transplants are designed to implant new follicles on a person’s head. This allows them to grow in a natural way with very little effect on everyday life. What few people realize is that these new follicles are a bit special and may require some additional care. For example, a cosmetic surgeon may recommend a special shampoo to help their patient maintain a look. If additional hair loss is seen in the patient, they may need to visit their cosmetic surgeon again to regain complete coverage.

Hair Transplants Have a Short Recovery Time

When people think of hair transplant surgery in Palo Alto, they imagine a simple procedure. While the procedure is very minor compared to other surgeries, it is still a serious procedure that can affect a person’s overall appearance or health. Patients can return to work in a day if they can wear a hat, otherwise most take one week off from work

Getting a hair transplant can be a very easy procedure with a strong reward. A low cost makes it a practical choice for anyone experiencing hair loss. Permanent results are available. Ask a cosmetic surgeon today, and see if a hair transplant is the practical solution you have been waiting for.

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