Learning How to Spot the Early Warning Signs Of Male Pattern Baldness

What Exactly is Male Pattern Baldness?

Male pattern baldness is a term used to refer to a specific pattern of hair thinning in Palo Alto that follows a pattern of thinning and receding on and around the crown of the head. This baldness is a result of the gradual thinning of individual stands, which eventually become so depleted that they do not regrow inside the little cavity designed to hold them, referred to as the follicle. As a result, male pattern baldness tends to become progressively extensive overtime.

The good news is that since the follicle stays alive, it is usually still possible to receive hair a transplant in Palo Alto, which can go a long way to restoring a person’s looks and confidence after experiencing or beginning to experience male pattern baldness. Male pattern baldness is not harmful to a person’s overall health, but it may still have a negative effect on a person’s wellbeing if they are no longer feeling happy about their appearance or have experienced unpleasant social consequences as a result of their baldness. This is why for some people, receiving hair transplant surgery in Palo Alto can be such a fantastic solution.

What Can Be Done?

The thing is that this phenomenon is super common. So common, in fact, that more than half of men over 50 years of age are affected. This means that most men will have to face the effects of male pattern baldness at some point or another during the course of their lifetimes. In addition, there is usually little a person can do to control whether or not they experience pattern hair loss in Palo Alto during their lifetime. Chances of experiencing pattern balding are largely determined by a combination of genetics and hormones.

That said, sometimes people can reduce or slow the effects of male pattern baldness if they are able to notice the early signs of hair loss in Palo Alto before it becomes readily visible. Even if male pattern baldness cannot be satisfactorily addressed using more conservative treatments, a person can always opt for a minimally invasive and technologically advanced procedure like a robotic hair transplant in Palo Alto that can help them regain their previous appearance and confidence with minimal recovery time required.

So what are some early signs of male pattern baldness that people approaching middle age will want to be on the lookout for? Read on to find out.

Early Signs of Male Pattern Baldness to Look Out For

The Front of the Scalp Looks Like an ‘M’ or a ‘U’

The first place that most men will tend to begin to experience signs of baldness in on the hairline above the forehead on the front of the scalp. The scalp will probably start to recede into a shape that looks a bit like the letter ‘M’ until the middle catches up and the hairline starts to look a bit more like a ‘u’.

Thankfully, this common cue is readily visible and easy to spot, so many people are able to detect the signs of male pattern baldness quite early.

The Top of the Head is Thinning Out

Another place that male pattern baldness often tends to show itself first is right at the top of the head. Unfortunately, sometimes the signs for this type of pattern can be a bit more difficult to spot than if it were occurring right on the hairline. However, a two-way mirror can easily solve this issue.

In addition, people will usually run their hands on and around the top of their heads over the course of the day. If things are starting to get thin up there, they will usually start to notice a difference. That, or a friend or acquaintance will point it out. 

A Hairy Pillow

A couple of stray strands is nothing to worry about, but if a pillow looks hairy each and every morning, it is possible that a person is beginning to experience early male pattern baldness.

Take note that they probably won’t just notice the signs of early pattern baldness on their pillows alone, but also their clothing, shower, and hairbrush as well. Watch out especially for hair loss in Palo Alto occurring specifically in the form of large masses or chunks. If this is the case, a person may want to follow up with a professional to confirm and possibly start exploring the potential solutions.

Looking Different in More Recent Photos

There are few people in this world who don’t have to look at their own face in the mirror day in and day out, especially anybody who is particularly interested in maintaining basic day-to-day hygiene practices.

The downside to always keep an eye on our physical appearance is that when human beings look at their own reflections on a daily basis it becomes much more difficult to spot gradual changes that occur over time. This is why so many people totally miss the early visual warning signs on male pattern baldness that are usually right under, or better, over, their nose.

However, there is an easy solution to be able to spot subtle differences in appearance that occur over time, and this is by comparing older photographs to more recent ones. If a person notices that their hairline looks more sparse in recent photographs than it once did, they may want to start keeping a sharp eye out for other early signs of male pattern baldness as well.

Feeling the Need to Choose a New Look

If a person is feeling a much-beloved hairstyle is suddenly not looking as good as it once did, they are probably right. There can be lots of reasons that might be behind this particular type of change of heart. For example, as people age, their tastes tend to evolve, not to mention their faces will be better suited to different types of looks at different stages of life.

Sometimes though, the need for a change has less to do with where a person is in life and more to do with the otherwise unnoticed effects of male pattern baldness, which may be causing a hairstyle to look less voluminous and full than it did before.

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