4 Bad Habits that Cause Hair Loss

4 Bad Habits that Cause Hair Loss

While the cause of a male pattern baldness is largely genetic, there are a number of factors for many men and women that can expedite the process of losing their hair. Factors from nutrition to hair care product treatments can negatively impact the thickness and quality of the hair, and in some cases will actually cause the hair to thin out while simultaneously hurting follicles and the scalp. What should you be watching out for?


#1. Poor Diet


You’ve heard of the kidney diet and the heart healthy diet, but now there’s also a hair healthy diet. It’s true. Your hair needs certain vitamins and minerals in order to maintain thick and full growth. For those who aren’t getting enough iron, zinc, and vitamin E, there will likely be some thinning in the quality of the hair.


#2. Sweating the Small Stuff


There’s an entire book on ‘not sweating the small stuff’ and one reason its message is so important is because stress can often cause hair loss. While it’s unlikely to happen because someone cuts you off in traffic, being in a constant state of stress will have a negative impact on the hair. Furthermore, extremely stressful events can also have a major impact. A death in the family or a bad diagnosis as well as the loss of a job and money issues can result in severe neurological changes that can damage the hair.


#3. Hair Dryers and Curling Irons


Applying large amounts of heat to your head will damage the quality of your hair according to recent studies. Studies show that for those that do blow dry their hair, the best option is to keep the heat setting is low as possible, or ideally, simply let your hair dry naturally. What should be avoided is blowing 150 degree air into your scalp because it damages both the tissues and the follicles. Likewise curling irons are also bad for your hair for the same reasons.


#4. Hair Dye


This may come as no great shocker, but bleaching your hair is bad for your hair. The peroxide and ammonia found in some hair dyes does a lot of irreversible damage. Similarly, some hair dyes have been known to have dihydrotestosterone which is known to be the cause of male pattern baldness. In fact, drugs like propecia prevent testosterone from being converted into dihydrotestosterone which for men with male pattern baldness, actually helps new hair grow.


“Hair loss can be caused by any number of phenomena,” says one specialist from Palo Alto, “and that includes genetic factors. What you don’t want to be doing is expediting the process by using unpleasant chemicals or treatments that damage the follicles and the scalp.”


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