How Old Does a Person Have to Be to Experience Hair Loss Problems?

How Old Does a Person Have to Be to Experience Hair Loss Problems?

One of the most common misconceptions about hair loss is that it only affects people of certain ages and genders. The truth is that while many middle-aged men suffer from baldness, anyone can develop problems with hair loss. Even babies can have difficulty growing hair at first. Use this guide to learn a little more about hair loss depending on age.
Teenage Hair Loss

While hair loss in teenagers is possible, it is uncommon. If the person’s family is prone to hair loss issues, such as male pattern baldness, they still don’t typically experience symptoms until they are much older. Because hair loss can be caused by a number of different factors, it is best to discuss the matter with a doctor. The doctor can help identify potential factors that are causing the hair loss, allowing the teenager to take corrective actions if needed.
Middle Age Hair Loss

Many men and women start to lose hair in their 30’s or 40’s. Changes in diet, metabolism, and lifestyle can encourage finer hair or balding. The most common form of hair loss is a receding hairline. This is also one of the easiest issues to correct with a hair transplant. Because the hair is still very thick and healthy on the back and top of the head, it is easily moved to the more noticeable hairline area.
Hair loss prevention is very crucial at this age, especially if hereditary conditions run in the family. Talk to a specialist about balding prevention and make any necessary changes. In some cases, all a person needs is to switch shampoos or reduce stress to keep their locks strong.
Senior Hair Loss

When people think of hair loss in Palo Alto, they typically think of people in their golden years. It isn’t very uncommon to see individuals in their 60’s or 70’s with extremely thin hair or noticeable bald spots. While some people may give up at this point and invest in a wig, there are still several ways to restore the hair. Special products designed for extreme cases of hair loss are available. Hair transplants are also still a viable option, as donor hair can be extracted from other areas of the body.
Hair loss is caused by a number of different conditions, so anyone can suffer from it. There are no specific age requirements for hair loss, and losing hair at a young age does not necessarily indicate health problems. Even if the condition is hereditary, talking to a doctor is the easiest way to learn more about specific conditions and treatment options.

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