Hair Loss: Understanding Baldness in Females

Hair Loss: Understanding Baldness in Females

There are many people who wrongly believe that baldness is an affliction that almost exclusively affects men. Hair loss is just as common for women. There are some differences between male and female hair loss that are important to note. These differences can be both physical and mental.  A woman experiencing hair loss in Palo Alto may be able to find a solution that will rectify the physical and psychological effects of losing one’s hair.

The Physical Differences between Male and Female Hair Loss.

Baldness occurs differently in women than it does in men. The most apparent physical difference between males and females is the pattern of hair loss. Women are far less likely to lose all of their hair, and their hair loss tends to be more evenly dispersed throughout the head. When men lose their hair, it tends to start at the more frontal parts of their scalp. It is also more common for men to eventually lose all of their hair.

 Men frequently start losing their hair at younger ages than women; they often start noticing hair loss between the ages of thirty and forty. Women who lose their hair start noticing it more into their forties and fifties.

For both men and women, genetics and aging play a role in hair loss. Sometimes in women, hormones can have an effect on their hair. After going through menopause, a woman may notice the hair on her head thinning while the hair on their face becomes rougher.

Hair Loss has Different Psychological Effects on Men and Women

Balding can have a negative impact on both the male and female psyche. Both balding men and women experience lowered self-esteem and struggle with feeling unattractive. However, women more often have problems coming to terms with their hair loss. Women frequently end up with a negative opinion of their overall body image as a result of hair loss.

 It is more common for men to accept that they are balding; many more men elect not to seek treatment and simply live with their baldness. Women are far less likely to accept hair loss and more likely to try and find ways to cover it up. Although men too can have a poor self-image due to hair loss, women tend to more heavily relate their beauty to the state of their hair. This means that hair loss often has a more severe impact to their self-esteem.

Why Women Experiencing Hair Loss in Palo Alto may Seek Treatment

Women who are losing their hair often feel self-conscious and take a huge blow to their overall mental health. Although many women feel apprehensive about seeking treatment due to self-consciousness, the number of women looking to treat their hair loss is gradually increasing. Women seeking treatment want to feel beautiful and comfortable with themselves. There are ways to treat hair loss in Palo Alto. If a woman loses her hair, treatment will make it possible for her to feel confident again and give her a healthy sense of self-worth.

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