Recommended Care After Hair Transplant Surgery

Recommended Care After Hair Transplant Surgery


Hair loss is a struggle that many people have to deal with, and modern transplant procedures make it possible to restore some form of normalcy. The minimal scarring of robotic FUE results in an almost natural hairline that improves the appearance. However, there is more to treating hair loss than just the transplant procedure. Proper care is required after to increase the chances of desirable results. Despite the meticulous procedures of the specialist, the patient still has a part to play. An individual planning treatment for hair loss in Palo Alto should know about basic care.


Stick To The Instructions


Doctors provide precise instructions on how to care for a graft area. An individual who is recovering from a hair transplant must adhere to these recommendations to the letter. For example, a doctor will tell a patient how to wash his or her hair without dislodging the grafts. Instructions can also include the right products to use for shampooing recently transplanted hair. One should avoid using anything during the healing phase that the surgeon has not prescribed or approved.


Proper Scar Care


Hair transplant surgery leaves some form of scarring, which will heal depending on the care it gets. Doctors will prescribe medication to reduce the swelling of the scar, so one should take these religiously. A scar needs cleaning as well to prevent infection. One must ensure that the area is free from crust, grease, and other dirt that will compromise healing. Keeping the head elevated will reduce the risk of further bruising and inflammation. When sleeping, a person should use a pillow or two so that the head can stay somewhat upright. If a reclining chair is available, it is the best option.


Avoid Scratching


Some irritation of the scar is normal during the healing process, particularly the first few days. One should not be tempted to scratch the scar as that will inflict trauma on the area. Touching or fidgeting with the grafts can cause them to fall off before they take root. Spraying the area with a recommended solution can help curb the irritation.


Avoid Alcohol And Smoking


Alcohol intake and smoking interrupt blood flow, which will affect the recovery. A doctor may recommend stopping these two activities for a month or so to give the graft area time to heal. It is more effective to stop smoking before the hair loss transplant to make the recovery stage easier to handle.


Effective treatment for hair loss in Palo Alto patients is more than just about the surgery because it is dependent on how well a patient follows the surgeon’s instructions. Recovery time varies among individuals but the care one puts into the scar’s healing and promoting hair growth will influence success. An individual should keep the contacts of the surgeon handy in case he or she needs advice or has concerns about the recovery process.


Disclaimer: We are unable to guarantee any result, even though most of our patients do see success. The results of our services will vary greatly to each patient’s level of commitment and compliance with the program.


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