4 Ways to Prevent Hair Loss

4 Ways to Prevent Hair Loss

Hair loss is a difficult thing for men and women to have to go through, especially as they age. It’s associated with a lack of vitality and desirability, and has a general tendency to lower self-esteem. Though there are several newer drugs or transplant surgeries that are available to folks who have lost their hair, the trick is to not ever have to need them in the first place. There are some actions you can take if you notice your hair thinning that should help encourage growth and prevent further loss.

#1. Use Essential Oils to Massage Your Scalp

Like the rest of your body, your scalp enjoys a good massage every now and again. This also has the benefit of encouraging hair growth when you hair begins to thin. Using essential oils like almond, or sesame oil, coupled with a few drops of lavender can go a long way toward encouraging your scalp to make some more hair.

#2. Get Plenty of Proteins In Your Diet

Proteins are essential for hair growth and getting a healthy supply of them in your diet can go a long way toward stimulating your follicles to be productive members of your scalp again. On the other hand, a lack of protein in your diet, or difficulty in digesting protein is a common cause of hair loss. Your hair is composed of a protein known as keratin. In order to digest protein, your stomach has to be acidic enough to break down the proteins and absorb them as nutrients into your body. Failure to do so can result in thinning hair, which can result ultimately in hair loss.

#3. Consuming Collagen

Collagen contains a great supply of amino acids that will not only help your hair grow, but will also make your nails stronger, and your skin shinier. While scientific studies into the effects of collagen may be lacking, collagen is a protein and so is your hair, so some doctors recommend taking it before you try drugs such as rogaine or surgical hair implants.

#4. Healthy Thyroid Equals Healthy Hair

Hypothyroidism is a common cause for hair loss. If you have an underactive thyroid, your body won’t produce the conditions necessary for hair growth. Furthermore, taking drugs or having surgery for hair loss is a bit like taking an aspirin to treat the thorn in your toe. Most of the symptoms of hypothyroidism can be treated by getting on the right diet or medication. So before you pump money into hair loss drugs or surgeries, be sure you’re not simply suffering from hypothyroidism.

“Any of these treatments can be more or less effective given the right conditions,” says one hair loss specialist from Palo Alto, California. “We definitely want to make sure there isn’t a vitamin deficiency or thyroid issue before we decide to put you on hair loss medication or schedule you for a transplant surgery.”

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