Quick Tips to Protect Your Hair against Damage

Quick Tips to Protect Your Hair against Damage


Pollution, ultraviolet light from the sun, and styling are all factors that have the potential to contribute to hair damage in some cases. With hair loss, Palo Alto residents want to do what they can to prevent it. This means protecting every strand, as well as your scalp. The first step is knowing what can cause damage so that you are able to take the steps necessary to reduce it as much as possible.


Exploring the Possible Causes of Hair Damage


Multiple factors might contribute to damaging your hair. Some you are not able to control, such as pollution. However, most damaging factors are those that you can work to counteract. For example, the ultraviolet rays from the sun might contribute to damage just like they can with your skin. In this instance, covering your hair and using products that offer UV protection might be beneficial. Certain hair treatments and styling methods that might damage your hair include:


·         Bleaching may weaken hair due to changing its structure

·         Coloring and highlighting your hair may change the hair’s inner structure

·         Perms break the hair’s inner bonds in order to cause the curling or straightening

·         Heat styling, such as with a blow dryer or a flat iron causes temporary hydrogen bond changes that can eventually lead to damage when such styling is performed nearly daily

·         Shampooing too much strips the natural oils of your hair, reducing hair hydration

·         Brushing your hair too much might result in breakage and split ends due to the consistent friction that happens when you are brushing


What You Can Do to Work on Improving Hair and Scalp Health


There are things that might help to counteract damage to your hair and these include:


·         Massaging your scalp when you shampoo instead of rubbing it in

·         Condition your hair after each wash

·         Rinse hair after swimming and wear a swim cap for extra protection

·         Allow your hair to air dry and never brush when it is wet

·         Reduce how often you heat style and avoid tight hairstyles


Now that you know more about what can cause hair damage and how to better protect your hair, you can work toward a healthier scalp and hair. While this does not guarantee that you will not experience hair loss in Palo Alto, it might play a role in reducing the risk. If you do start to lose hair, talking to a doctor can help you to determine the cause and any restoration options that might be available to you.


Disclaimer: We are unable to guarantee any result, even though most of our patients do see success. The results of our services will vary greatly to each patient’s level of commitment and compliance with the program.


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