Repairing Bad Hair Transplants with Improved Techniques

Repairing Bad Hair Transplants with Improved Techniques


Surgeons today have access to robotic hair transplant equipment that provides better results than before. This is an advantage that has made hair transplant repair a common request by individuals who had their surgeries before robotic FUE. A person may have had a hair transplant that left less than desirable results that he/she has lived with because the options were limited. Now, one can approach a hair transplant surgery clinic in Palo Alto to get repairs. Individuals must, however, understand what constitutes as repair.


Several Repair Situations


Bad Hair Plugs – A majority of repairs are for people who got their transplant using the hair plug technique. One issue with plugs is that they could have been placed incorrectly, making the hair look unnatural.


Large grafts – grafts that are too large will leave the head looking messy as the density of the hair will be inconsistent.


Poor transplant candidate – hair transplant is not for everyone, which is why doctors have to determine if it suits a patient. If someone who was not qualified for transplant goes ahead to get it anyway, the results might be less than desirable.


The Need For Repair


The hair is largely tied to a person’s appearance, and largely, his or her confidence. Living with hair loss is bad, but a poorly-performed transplant can make it worse. Grafts that are too large, positioned incorrectly, or with extensive scarring can affect the cosmetic appearance of an individual. Diminished confidence can influence the quality of life of a person negatively. An individual who is self-conscious about how he/she looks may have a hard time socializing, and that will affect personal relationships. With hair transplant surgery in Palo Alto, one can expect improved techniques and tools that will correct some of the issues caused by poor procedures.


Common Repair Processes


Surgeons use a number of procedures to undo the damage inflicted by incorrect hair transplants. One tactic is smoothening the hairline by placing micrografts in front of large ones to hide them. This camouflage method, however, is only effective if the grafts are not too low on the forehead. In some instances, large grafts can be too pronounced to hide with micrografts alone, so a doctor may have to combine other techniques. Another option of correcting bad plugs is removing them, dividing them into follicular units then re-transplanting them into ideal positions. In instances where the grafts are facing the right direction but are too small to look natural, a surgeon may choose to add a few follicular units to boost their volume.


With expertise from hair transplant surgery specialists in Palo Alto, an individual can find out if repair is a possible solution, depending on the case.


Disclaimer: We are unable to guarantee any result, even though most of our patients do see success. The results of our services will vary greatly to each patient’s level of commitment and compliance with the program.


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