The Pros and Cons of Hair Transplant Procedures

The Pros and Cons of Hair Transplant Procedure

Anyone who has dealt with thinning hair or baldness knows what a difficult situation this is. On the surface, it may seem like it’s just a cosmetic issue. However, research has shown that there are definite psychological factors involved. Thinning hair can contribute to low self-esteem and even depression. The fact that losing one’s hair is so detrimental to the psyche has made hair transplant procedures especially popular. But, before a person jumps into this type of investment, it is important that they carefully consider the pros and cons.

Robotic Hair Transplant: Palo Alto Patients See Benefits

In Palo Alto, robotic hair transplant treatments are particularly popular. What kind of benefits can a patient see from such a procedure?

  • Long-Term Results: Typically, hair transplant surgeries are carried out in a series of appointments. After these have been completed, though, that’s it—there’s no follow-up necessary. Conversely, re-growth medications and over-the-counter treatments require that the patient continually use the medication or product in order to achieve on-going results.


  • The Re-Growth of Natural Hair: After a robotic hair transplant, Palo Alto patients commonly experience re-growth of their natural hair. This is because the patient’s hair is transplanted into different follicles and this allows for natural hair growth to occur.


  • Robotic Hair Transplants Are Minimally Invasive: There is no linear scarring with robotic hair transplant procedures. Why is this important? First of all, it means there is less healing time and less discomfort. Second, because there is no linear scarring, a patient is free to cut and style their hair in whatever way they wish.


  • The Ideal Hair Pattern: This is where robotic hair transplant really shines. With this technique, a computer creates an algorithm for an ideal hair pattern for the patient. This means their hair will look completely natural. No one will know that they’ve had the procedure done, something that couldn’t always be said with the manual transplant procedure.

Some Patients Aren’t As Thrilled With Their Results

As with anything in life, hair transplant procedures aren’t perfect. There are some issues that patients have experienced that made them question whether they would’ve done the procedure in the first place. These include:

  • Irritation: Some patients have experienced irritation, itching, and bumps on their scalp after their hair transplant procedure.
  • Hair Die-Off: In certain cases, patients’ hair follicles have died off before the transplanted hair had a chance to grow.
  • Side-Effects: Some have reported infected implant sites, swelling, and loss of transplanted hair, also known as “shock loss.”

The Importance of Getting All of the Facts Pertaining to Hair Transplant Procedures

It is vital for anyone considering a hair transplant procedure to honestly count the cost. These procedures don’t yield the same results for every single patient. And, in some cases, one procedure might work better for a patient’s circumstances than another. That is why it’s so important to do the necessary research, get a thorough consultation, and carefully weigh all of the pros and cons.

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