Causes of Hair Loss

At one point or another in someone’s life, one may very well experience hair loss as it is a common occurrence that comes with age and undergoing a robotic hair transplant in Palo Alto may be a solution to those experiencing this loss. Hair loss in Palo Alto, like the rest of the world, is an issue which affects millions around the globe and for some, this phenomenon can detrimental for them.

The truth is, humans shed on a daily basis and losing hair follicles is a normal process that everyone will undergo in their lifetime. On average, 100 are lost a day. Issues tend to arise however when larger quantities begin to be lost and the human body cannot counteract the issue. Men are more likely to suffer from balding than their female counterparts, but both genders are still susceptible to suffering from sudden onset loss, or gradual loss.

Although, some people do not mind losing their hair and will ultimately decide to go bald, but for others, the sudden loss can seriously damage one’s perceived image of themselves, ultimately affecting their overall quality of life.

This is especially true for people whose careers rely on their image. Ranging anywhere from models to actors, if one’s income relies on their image, experiencing this endeavor can mean they may lose their jobs and source of income. There are signs that one can look out for on their heads if they believe they may be beginning to suffer from hair loss. Thinning of the lining on the scalp, as well as noticing blotches of missing hair are the most common ways to determine if one is suffering from a condition.

There are several reasons why someone could lose their hair and all are of great importance to discuss.


The most common reason which may cause someone to opt for a hair transplant surgery in Palo Alto is due to genetics and aging. The chances are, if a close family member suffered from hair loss in their older age, the younger generations will also experience some form when they reach that certain age. This is known as male and female pattern baldness and is not a cause for alarm, as it is a normal cause of dispersion and ultimately, balding. The age of which this may come will vary based on genetics, but the likeliness remains.

Hormonal Changes

Hormonal changes are another popular cause of as hormones are directly responsible for the rate of growth.  A sudden hormonal imbalance may promote loss and monitoring any hormone changes is important as they can generally be controlled if given proper treatment. For example, experiencing menopause in women may cause a sudden influx of estrogen and this can lead to sudden loss. As mentioned, if proper care and nurturement is taken, most hair loss due to hormonal imbalance can be reversed. However, if proper action is not taken, this can still lead to irreversible complications.


A sudden traumatic event in one’s life has been known to cause sudden hair loss. The stresses one can incur from a life altering traumatic event are bad enough for one to experience, but these events can even affect growth and is a frequent response from the body when these events happen. The direct cause from stress related hair loss has not yet been discovered, but its relevance in society is noteworthy and can happen to anyone. This type of is generally reversible and will revert itself once stress levels are reduced and time passes.

Radiation Exposure

Although the least common of causes, radiation is perhaps the most severe cause of one can incur in their lifetime. Contact with high levels of radiation is something that hopefully no one has to experience, but if it does happen, hair loss is a common side effect. The most common result of radiation is from receiving radiation treatment in hospitals. Radiation treatment is most commonly used in chemotherapy for patients suffering from cancer, although other rare illnesses may be treated with chemotherapy.

This life saving treatment may very well help to extend the life of those suffering with debilitating illnesses, but the hair loss one may suffer from as a result may lead them to undergoing a robotic hair transplant surgery in Palo Alto.

Another less common form of radiation exposure would occur in the workplace where someone could be exposed to radioactive materials such as plutonium and uranium. These are compounds that the average person will generally not come into contact with, but if one does work with these for their job and notices they are suffering from hair loss, radiation exposure may very well be the result.


Similar to those who are undergoing radiation therapy for illness treatment, there exists several medications which boast side effects. Like radiation therapy, these medications are generally prescribed for serious, life threatening conditions and will not be found over the counter in pharmacies.It is important to know what medication one is taking and whether or not it could be causing problems. If worried about experiencing hair loss from a result of medication, be sure to read any labels on prescriptions which will outline any potential side effects one can look forward to from said medication.

The sudden onset can be an intimidating one, but regardless of these situations which may cause one to experience hair loss, fortunately they do not have to be permanent and a hair transplant in Palo Alto could be the solution.

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