Everything One Needs to Know about Hair Loss

Those who are seeking treatment for hair loss in Palo Alto may have notice it happening not just on their scalp, but anywhere else on their body as well, though the first category is the one that seems to have most people worried. It may happen due to various causes, including changes in hormone levels, or certain medical conditions. The loss is only considered baldness when it is excessive, and it takes place from one’s scalp. The most typical cause for this is hereditary.


There are plenty of ways in which one can lose their hair in Palo Alto can happen, and it is all highly dependent on what is the cause of the whole thing. Gradual thinning on the top of an individual’s head may be one way, and it is, in fact, the most common way in which it happens. Circular bald spots are yet another way, while sudden loosening of the strands is another. This last one is due to either an emotional or a physical state of shock. Losing it from the entire body is yet another way, while yet another is in the form of patches that spread across the scalp.


As previously mentioned, the causes are varied. They may happen because of family history, which is, in fact, the most common cause. Another one is in the form of changes at a hormonal level. This happens due to a number of conditions, which can lead to temporarily, or even permanently losing it. It can happen at menopause, during pregnancy, or when one has problems with their thyroid. Another cause can be medication and supplements. For instance, drugs used in the treatment of cancer can lead to losing it, just as radiation therapy aimed at the head. Stressful events are yet another possible cause, as many people notice a thinning after they have gone through a shock.

Risk Factors

Things that may make it more likely for an individual to experience this sort of issue include age, as people tend to have this happen as they become older, a family history, since, as mentioned, it is hereditary, and even losing a significant amount of weight. Stress, as well as a few medical conditions are all possible risk factors that can lead to one losing their mane.

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