Exploring the Most Common Medical Reasons for Hair Loss in Adults

Exploring the Most Common Medical Reasons for Hair Loss in Adults

When it comes to hair loss, Palo Alto adults should explore the most common causes when they are looking to learn why their hair is thinning. This gives you a starting point where you can discuss the possible reasons with your doctor. As you learn about the possible causes, think about your life and what could be associated with it. This allows you to narrow down the causes.


Certain medications might cause hair loss as a side effect. Not all people who take these drugs will experience hair loss, however. These medications include drugs for:



     High blood pressure


     Heart conditions

     Birth control

In some cases, getting too much vitamin A might contribute to hair loss. In this instance, if you are taking a supplement, you might talk to your doctor about the dosage to see if it can be adjusted.

Hormonal Changes

An imbalance or change in the hormones might contribute to hair loss. In some cases, this is temporary and might be the result of childbirth, pregnancy, or menopause. Issues with the thyroid might also impact your hormones since this gland plays a role in regulating them.

Scalp Infections

An infection that affects the scalp has the potential to cause hair loss. For example, ringworm is a type of fungal infection that might appear on the scalp. It has the potential to invade the hair, resulting in hair loss and scaly patches. Once the infection is treated and the scalp heals, the hair might grow back.

Alopecia Areata

This condition causes a type of hair loss that is non-scarring. It occurs as the result of the immune system attacking the hair follicles. This can cause hair loss that comes on suddenly, leaving behind bald patches that are roundish and smooth. It is important to see your doctor in a timely manner if you suspect this condition.

Other Possible Causes

In addition to the above causes, there are others that might contribute to hair loss, including radiation therapy that focuses on the head and significant emotional distress. In most cases, the latter is temporary.

With this information, you may better determine what could be causing your hair loss in Palo Alto. Make sure to not delay seeing your doctor since some of the causes do have interventions that might be helpful for some people. You may also get a chance to learn more about treatments specific to hair loss.

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