Symptoms of Balding

Many people experience the effects of balding every year. This thinning of the hair can be devastating and embarrassing for many of people. Balding can appear in many different forms for many different reasons. It can happen quickly or over time, and it can be either genetic or cause by current situations. If you are afraid that you might be at the beginning stages of balding, you should be sure to look for the following symptoms.

Gradual Thinning

A gradual thinning is the most common way that balding occurs. It can be found in both men and women, and it simply occurs as a gradual thinning over the years, as opposed to a sudden loss. In men, this will typically be seen as a receding hairline, meaning the line in which the hairline lands on the forehead is pushed back further. In women, it is thinning tends to occur all over the head rather than just in the hairline. There will gradually be less volume in the hair.

Sudden Loss

In some cases, the loss will happen rather abruptly. This can be caused when someone undergoes a sudden shock or stress either physically or emotionally. The person may recognize this symptoms when entire chunks fall out when they wash or brush their hair.

Patchy Spots

At times, this loss can be patchy. People may begin to find random smooth or bald areas all over their head. These will typically be coin-sized spots. In most cases this will only occur on the scalp, however, in some cases, a man might notice similar bald spots in his facial hair. If you feel itchy or irritated in areas on your scalp, this might be an indicator that you might experience these spots in the near future.

Loss All Over

In some especially unfortunate cases, this loss will not only occur on the scalp, but can actually exist all over the body, from eyebrows to legs. This is typically the result of medical treatments or medications, and in most cases is only temporary.


Every situation is different, but most cases of baldness will begin in one of the ways listed above. If you are experiencing these symptoms, you could very well be at the beginning stages of balding and may want to seek out professional support and diagnosis. Although this can be embarrassing to anyone, no matter your age or gender, there is no reason to simply live with this. You do have options. As a first step you may want to consider looking into hair transplant options near Palo Alto and get back to feeling confident again.


Disclaimer: We are unable to guarantee any result, even though most of our patients do see success. The results of our services will vary greatly to each patient’s level of commitment and compliance with the program.

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