Three Advantages of Having a Robotic Hair Transplant

Three Advantages of Having a Robotic Hair Transplant

Regardless of age, stress, or genetics, thinning hair or balding can happen to numerous people. This condition can cause a lot of people to feel out of place, because it takes them from their youthful past. It’s like a sense of aging that cannot be undone to them. However, there are certain methods available to help make the situation better. Think of seeking a robotic hair transplant in the Palo Alto area. Here are some benefits of making this choice.

Gets Rid of the Pain and Risk From Strip Surgery

Some people may not favor a strip surgery. This treatment involves a doctor taking a piece of skin from the head to help encourage follicle growth on different balding spots. However, this may not be the most effective treatment due to unusual growth in an unintended area of the head. Additionally, the scarring can be very irritating, especially when growth begins. It can cause not only skin problems, but it may cause itching and general discomfort. It can be hard to hide if the growth isn’t sufficient enough to cover the area. Also, it can be quite embarrassing to have patches that stick out when out in public. Taking this approach to treatment is more precise and less invasive. Additionally, it’s more natural and permanent for growth purposes.

Taking a More Natural and Permanent Approach

Some people use follicles from other people. However, there are many patients who would undergo treatment just using their natural follicles. The good thing about this treatment is the technology is able to study the pattern of follicle growth in terms of thickness, shape, type, and angles. Also, the consistency allows them to put out the same type of graft on each try. A human who may get tired of making specific cuts or placing certain follicles in place over time wouldn’t have the same accuracy. By knowing how it’ll potentially grow back, it can also help decrease the look of aging by giving it a more natural feel. Another benefit is better recovery.

Better Healing Process

A robotic transplant also helps reduce scarring. As a result, the recovery process after treatment can be smoother. Due to less invasive means, like skin grabbing, this causes less irritation. It’ll be easier on the body to heal quicker. Overall, it can shorten the 8-month wait for everything to grow back on the head in a normal surgery by at least a few months. The patient will be able to get back to their career a lot quicker from better recovery. It’ll save them time and they can adjust better before heading back out into the hustle and bustle of things.

These are a few benefits of taking this procedure.

Disclaimer: We are unable to guarantee any result, even though most of our patients do see success. The results of our services will vary greatly to each patient’s level of commitment and compliance with the program.

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