Three Benefits of Hair Transplant Surgery

Over time, a person can be more susceptible to balding and thinning due to age and genetics. They may feel this comes along at a most inconvenient time because it alters their look and the way they see themselves. However, a good solution would be a hair transplant surgery in Palo Alto. It’ll be a great alternative to any other restorative treatment. Take the right steps to see what type of procedure is needed and how it can affect one for the long-term. Here are a few benefits of going through this treatment.

Using One’s Own Follicles

There’s no need to get someone else’s follicles or use a synthetic process. It’s a procedure that uses one’s own hair. This way, the patient will be more comfortable in order to go through with a sound treatment. It takes it from the back of the scalp and is inserted to the balding spots. Not only does it promote healthy growth, but it keeps everything to its natural color. This type of continuity can make it feel as if there was no loss in the first place. Additionally, the growth can start becoming permanent after a few months. A good procedure will help in covering the bases of the head after 8 months or so. This is especially the case for a Follicular Unit Extraction, which places a strand in a designated area. As a result, it’ll mean less scarring due to the follicles covering up the bald pattern. This is a treatment that’s more natural.

More Natural Treatment

This is something a lot safer. There are no chemicals or any kind of special pill used, which could impact the body negatively. By using one’s own strands and placing it strategically in spots where growth is more prevalent, this can actually encourage the body to continue this in different patchy areas. This treatment is more natural, so it feels less invasive to patients. It’ll make them feel more comfortable to go with a sound treatment. Also, it’ll take up less of their time on the day of the procedure. Another benefit is building one’s self-esteem.

Bigger Self-Esteem for Daily Life

Hair loss can be a sign of growing older in most people. When people have a particular style, it becomes a part of them. However, with this restorative method, it’ll make them feel more in control. They’ll feel rejuvenated in their daily life. This places a positive impact on their personal and professional life. Also, they can color it when it fully grows back. The younger appearance will give them a normal feeling that they may have lost because of balding and thinning. By having more self-confidence, it’ll give help them in their everyday life.

These are just some of the benefits of getting this type of surgery.


Disclaimer: We are unable to

guarantee any result, even though most of our patients do see success. The results of our services will vary greatly to each patient’s level of commitment and compliance with the program.

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