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Advances in Robotic Hair Transplant

Advances in Robotic Hair Transplant


Artas has changed how surgeons carry out FUE procedures. The process of removing one follicle after the other for transplant can be exhausting especially if the transplanted region is a large one. The advent of robotic hair transplant eliminated a lot of the work that surgeons had to do. However, the original technology was not without its limitations. With time, Artas has had several improvements that have been fundamental in the field of robotic hair transplant. Speed, accuracy, and functionality are some of the areas that Artas has improved. A person planning to get robotic hair transplant in Palo Alto should learn how these advancements have influenced the nature of treatment.


Enhanced Accuracy


The diameter of the punch/needle is one measure that determines the accuracy of Artas. When surgeons first started using robotics for follicular unit extraction, the needle was 1mm in diameter. The punch that followed had a bigger diameter and rotated to reach deeper into the scalp. Then came the 0.9mm, and with further adjustments, it reduced to 0.8, which is what surgeons will find in the latest equipment. It is also possible for doctors to pick between 2 and 4 prongs, depending on the type of scalp. The use of smaller punches for hair transplant has become a common practice among surgeons because they result in smaller wounds and less scaring than with bigger punches.


Better Speed


One way that Artas performs at increased speeds is by improving alignment by making it more precise, which allows the tool to move faster through the transplant area. Instead of the robot retracting after it completes a harvest, it moves from unit to unit thus, saving time. There has been a reduction in the distance that the arms have to cover between distances. This improvement reduces the dissection cycle, which makes it possible to harvest a significant number of grafts per hour; typically up to 1,500. The improved speed also means that someone getting robotic hair transplant in Palo Alto doesn’t have to fret about a lengthy procedure like it was before.




The robot has received design upgrades that have improved some of its features. In earlier designs, if the robotic arm ended up in a cramped position, it took the operator a six-step manual process to recover it. The brake arm release has changed this. There is a button on the robot’s arm that the operator can press to move it and reposition the patient. Through its iterations, the arm has gained a greater reach, and the head has become less bulky such that doctors are able to transplant the hair without repositioning the patient too much. A smaller head also means that Artas can operate at various angles without limitations, which increases the flexibility of the machine.


The advances that Artas has seen over the year have improved the results that people can expect when getting robotic hair transplant in Palo Alto.


Disclaimer: We are unable to guarantee any result, even though most of our patients do see success. The results of our services will vary greatly and depend on each patient’s level of commitment and compliance with the program.


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Recommended Care After Hair Transplant Surgery

Recommended Care After Hair Transplant Surgery


Hair loss is a struggle that many people have to deal with, and modern transplant procedures make it possible to restore some form of normalcy. The minimal scarring of robotic FUE results in an almost natural hairline that improves the appearance. However, there is more to treating hair loss than just the transplant procedure. Proper care is required after to increase the chances of desirable results. Despite the meticulous procedures of the specialist, the patient still has a part to play. An individual planning treatment for hair loss in Palo Alto should know about basic care.


Stick To The Instructions


Doctors provide precise instructions on how to care for a graft area. An individual who is recovering from a hair transplant must adhere to these recommendations to the letter. For example, a doctor will tell a patient how to wash his or her hair without dislodging the grafts. Instructions can also include the right products to use for shampooing recently transplanted hair. One should avoid using anything during the healing phase that the surgeon has not prescribed or approved.


Proper Scar Care


Hair transplant surgery leaves some form of scarring, which will heal depending on the care it gets. Doctors will prescribe medication to reduce the swelling of the scar, so one should take these religiously. A scar needs cleaning as well to prevent infection. One must ensure that the area is free from crust, grease, and other dirt that will compromise healing. Keeping the head elevated will reduce the risk of further bruising and inflammation. When sleeping, a person should use a pillow or two so that the head can stay somewhat upright. If a reclining chair is available, it is the best option.


Avoid Scratching


Some irritation of the scar is normal during the healing process, particularly the first few days. One should not be tempted to scratch the scar as that will inflict trauma on the area. Touching or fidgeting with the grafts can cause them to fall off before they take root. Spraying the area with a recommended solution can help curb the irritation.


Avoid Alcohol And Smoking


Alcohol intake and smoking interrupt blood flow, which will affect the recovery. A doctor may recommend stopping these two activities for a month or so to give the graft area time to heal. It is more effective to stop smoking before the hair loss transplant to make the recovery stage easier to handle.


Effective treatment for hair loss in Palo Alto patients is more than just about the surgery because it is dependent on how well a patient follows the surgeon’s instructions. Recovery time varies among individuals but the care one puts into the scar’s healing and promoting hair growth will influence success. An individual should keep the contacts of the surgeon handy in case he or she needs advice or has concerns about the recovery process.


Disclaimer: We are unable to guarantee any result, even though most of our patients do see success. The results of our services will vary greatly to each patient’s level of commitment and compliance with the program.


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2 Ways To Keep Hair Healthy

Beautiful, silky and shiny locks are something that everyone desires. It is a natural instinct for all individuals to want to look beautiful, and hair is one of the most important aspects which contribute to a person’s overall appearance.

Individuals who are losing their locks are often willing to resort to hair transplant surgery in Palo Alto to get their head back to what it used to be again.

Nobody wants to be in a position where they begin to lose their locks prematurely. This is a natural phenomenon that occurs with every human being as the years pass, and the amount of loss can differ from person to person. .

There are 2 rules individuals can follow to try and keep their locks as healthy as possible.

1. Wash it the Right Way

The most common error individuals make with maintenance is the number of times they wash it and how they wash it. Hair definitely does not need to be washed every day for most people. Most people can get by with just a few washes a week.

It is important to note that the curlier one’s locks are, the less they need to wash it. Hair generally needs to be washed when the natural oils from our scalp seep into it. Straight hair allows for the oil to travel faster, and therefore, it generally needs to be washed more often.

Apart from the number of times the it is washed, it also needs to be washed the correct way. Shampoo is actually meant for the scalp. As one takes a shower, the shampoo will make it down the shaft itself, so there is no reason to massage shampoo into the ends.

2. Use Less Products

Another vital mistake that people make which leads to loss is excessively using commercial products. All that hairspray and gel may temporarily make one’s head look great, but the buildup of chemicals can cause permanent damage if worn for too long or not cleaned out properly. Treating one’s locks by means of a good diet and natural oils may not be as immediately effective as using commercial products, but it will definitely do a lot to protect one’s locks in the long run.

Balding is an agitating topic, and no one wants to find themselves in a position where they are shedding excessively. Washing the correct way and using fewer chemical products can help increase the chances of having fuller and thicker locks as an individual ages.

Disclaimer: We are unable to guarantee any result, even though most of our patients do see success. The results of our services will vary greatly to each patient’s level of commitment and compliance with the program.

3 Hidden Causes of Hair loss

Hair loss is a trending topic in Palo Alto, and many individuals who suffer from hair loss (both male and female) are looking deeper into the potential reasons this shedding is occurring and what they can do to rectify the problem.

Going to a professional hair clinic to get a consultation or to look at options for surgery is a good option for individuals who have lost a large amount of their locks.

Most people blame their shedding on genes and believe that they are losing their locks because it runs in the family. Though genetics does play a significant role, there are many other underlying reasons why a person may be shedding their lustrous locks.

1. Diet

One of the biggest reasons an individual may be suffering from shedding is an imbalanced diet. Too much or too less of certain vitamins and minerals can cause shedding. The scalp relies largely on high iron and protein levels to keep growing and remain steadfast on one’s head. If one suffers from an iron or protein deficiency, it can easily result in shedding. This can be rectified by increasing in consuming foods that are rich in iron and protein or even taking dietary supplements.

Too much vitamin A can lead to shedding. Obviously, the way to remedy this is to reduce consumption of foods that have vitamin A or to stop taking vitamin A supplements.

2. Stress

Stress is a major contributor to losing locks. Whether the stress one suffers is physical or emotional, the strain on one’s body can result in shedding. Hair has a very specific growth cycle, and if someone gets stressed out, then this cycle can suffer shock and more locks can begin shedding. Pregnancy or getting into an accident are both good examples of major stressors that will result in sudden loss.

The good thing about this form of shedding is that the hair can and will begin growing again after one is in a calm and relaxed state.

3. Illness

Underlying sickness is also a potential cause of balding. When the body is stressed out or everything isn’t balanced the way it should be, the body may begin to shed as a temporary solution or as a side effect of the battle going on inside.

Shedding is not uncommon, and individuals who are suffering from it should definitely get treatment. There are many things individuals can do to strengthen their locks and improving one’s diet, reducing stress, and getting regular checkups to ensure one’s health is in good order can help prevent this loss from occurring.

Disclaimer: We are unable to guarantee any result, even though most of our patients do see success. The results of our services will vary greatly to each patient’s level of commitment and compliance with the program.

What Is a Robotic Hair Transplant?

Androgenic alopecia is a hair loss disorder which can affect both men and women. When the hair loss affects women, it is called female pattern baldness and when it affects men it is termed male pattern baldness. Robotic hair transplants are a good option one should consider when looking at possible ways to restore one’s hair back in Palo Alto.

Women generally experience loss by their locks thinning out, and men generally begin to bald in patches or start to have their hairline pushed back.

Transplants are definitely not the first thing that doctors will recommend to an individual who is suffering from shedding. The first thing that individuals will usually be referred to is that doctors will recommend that they should change their diets and start using certain oils and medications.

However, if everything seems to fail, then a transplant is usually the last remaining option, and luckily, it can have amazing effects.

These days, there is the possibility of undergoing a robotic transplant. This method uses the follicular unit extraction method (FUE) to restore one’s locks as best as possible. The biggest difference between a manual and robotic transplant is the time it takes for the procedure to occur. With the help of a robot, doctors can complete the procedure in half the time it would take them to do it manually.

Not only can the procedure be done more quickly, but the follicles can be placed with much more precision as well. The assisting robot is actually able to take pictures and calculate the angles and other characteristics of the follicles, which allows for a much more natural look.

There are several cameras that record all the information of the donor area of the patient. The molecular dissection occurs according to the algorithms that were picked up based on the donor area, and this results in a very natural looking finish. The robot can even be left to fully handle the extraction of grafts.

The recovery time for a robotic hair transplant in Palo Alto is much less than other such procedures. Other surgeries such as strip harvesting do not give as neat of an effect, yet still require many weeks for recovery. This procedure allows individuals to get back to their normal daily routines in just a day or two.

If one feel like their lack of locks is affecting their confidence or if a person is shedding prematurely, then a robotic transplant is a good idea. This procedure works best on males with darker locks.

Disclaimer: We are unable to guarantee any result, even though most of our patients do see success. The results of our services will vary greatly to each patient’s level of commitment and compliance with the program.

How Hair Influences Confidence

The 21st century is a great century to live in because of the ease and convenience of new technology and information. A hair transplant is one of the many luxuries individuals can benefit from by living in this day and age in Palo Alto.


The ever-increasing love for aesthetic perfection seems to be increasing rapidly and now the way one presents themselves means a lot more than it did a couple of decades ago. Having a very neat and proper appearance is not only linked to beauty and attractiveness but also linked to having a higher socioeconomic status.


There is an old quote which states that “beauty is life’s easy card,” and in many ways, this is true. Psychological evidence has revealed that even babies prefer more symmetrical faces and that attractiveness is something that all humans hold to very high standards.


It is because of this ideology that shedding can very negatively affect one’s self-confidence. In a world where beauty is of utmost importance and the locks on one’s head constitute a large part of beauty, it can be hard to survive in a society when one is suffering from premature hair loss.


If the world was perfect, everyone would understand that shedding is a natural and often uncontrollable phenomenon that will occur with everyone, but at different points in their lives. Unfortunately, society is generally not that understanding, and that is why performing a hair transplant is available in Palo Alto.


Hair transplants can be done in various ways, and one of the most cutting-edge methodologies is a robotic transplant. Surgeons no longer need to do everything on their own. They can now use the help of a robotic assistant who not only speeds up the process but also helps them plant the new hair with increasing precision.


Looking great and feeling good about oneself truly go hand in hand especially in today’s society. Media and large screen TVs display images and films of flawless looking individuals who seem to be perfect in every way possible. Humans always desire to have what they see and seeing such beauty can make one feel bad about themselves. People often limit themselves from going out to social gatherings or tend to cover up with hats because they feel insecure about the way they look.


If a person feels like they are being very negatively affected by the loss of their locks and they feel like their confidence and self-esteem is plummeting, then they should definitely consider a  transplant. Transplants are a relatively quick way to get one’s confidence and youth back again in Palo Alto.


Disclaimer: We are unable to guarantee any result, even though most of our patients do see success. The results of our services will vary greatly to each patient’s level of commitment and compliance with the program.

Your Self-Esteem is Important

Your Self-Esteem is Important

It doesn’t matter how old you are or if you are a man or a woman. Everyone needs to have a good self-esteem. Self-esteem is the confidence that a person has in their own self-worth or their own abilities. It is all about the respect and love a person has for themselves. That respect can come in many forms, but it can be classified into physical and mental self-esteem.

Physical self-esteem is love that a person needs to have for the way they look. There are many times that people need to put in work in order to get their bodies and look to a place that makes them happy. A new diet and exercise regimen can be a big part of how they plan on getting to that new happy place. This diet and exercise can build your body to perform and feel the way that you want them to, but you may need a little bit of an extra push. Some people decide to add cosmetic surgeries into their plans to get what they want. Procedures such as hair transplant surgery at a Palo Alto specialist is one of the things that people do so that they can feel more confident about the way they look.

Self-esteem in your mental health and the place you are at in your life is just as important as the way you feel about the way you look. Life is about learning and progressing and trying to be a better person tomorrow than you were today. When you are in a healthy mental place, you can live a life full of gratification and happiness. There are always going to be stressors and difficulties that life is going to throw at you, but with self-esteem in your mental health, you know that you can handle anything. Having the confidence in yourself to get through anything is a big deal in being able to handle the hardships in life.

When you put the physical and mental self-esteem together as a package, that can equal an awesome person. They are ready to look at themselves in the mirror every day and tackle every day as it comes to them. Sometimes, there are things that you want to work on and things that you can improve, but you have the confidence to make it happen. When you have that self-esteem, you are ready for any hurdle. New life stages are going to bring new hurdles to tackle and improvements in your self-esteem is going to need to be an ongoing process. People who are willing to do that are going to be able to enjoy life every day without having to worry about how they feel about themselves.

Disclaimer: We are unable to guarantee any results, even though most of our patients see success. The results of our services will vary greatly to each patient’s level of commitment and compliance with the program.

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Making a Great First Impression

Making a Great First Impression

A first impression is the most important impression that you can make on a person. It is the impression that they are going to shape their judgements about you on. Most first impressions occur when you are meeting clients for the first time and going for a job interview. You want this impression to be as good as you can possibly make it because you won’t get a second chance at that. There are a lot of things that you can do in order to make sure that this goes exactly the way you want it to.

The first thing that a person is going to notice about you is the way that you look. Some people want to go to whatever lengths they can to look their best, regardless of first impressions.

     An exercise routine along with some other cosmetic maintenance like a hair transplant at a Palo Alto specialists can be the best way to maximize your self-esteem. Your self-esteem will be evident during a first impression.

     You always want to make sure that you are dressed your best. You want wrinkle-free, clean clothes, a fresh haircut, and clean nails. You want your looks to exemplify a person that cares how they look which will translate into how they feel.

     You want to make sure to add in a smile and a good handshake. This is a great way to be welcoming before you are even able to say anything at all. These will show that you are a nice person and that you mean business all at the same time.

A great first conversation is how the person will shape what type of person you are and what type of person you are going to be to work with.

     You want to make sure that you are not monopolizing the conversation. You want to listen just as much as you are adding to the conversation. Even though nerves can get the best of you, it is more important to keep your wits about you. The listening part is more important than the talking part because it shows the person(s) that you are talking to that you care about what they have to say.

     Making eye contact is another great way to make a first impression in the conversation. It shows you are attentive and you have got this situation under control in your head. The eyes are the window to the soul, after all.

You are never going to get this chance back, so make sure you do it right. It can be the make or break moment that land a new client or earn you that job offer that you have always wanted. Do your research and know what you are doing before you get there.

Disclaimer: We are unable to guarantee any results, even though most of our patients see success. The results of our services will vary greatly to each patient’s level of commitment and compliance with the program.

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Types of Cosmetic Surgeries

Types of Cosmetic Surgeries

People always want to feel healthy and good about themselves. They do a lot of things on a daily basis in order to accomplish this, like exercise and eat right. There can come a time in the lives of some people where they need a little extra help in order to obtain the results that they are truly looking to achieve. Some people employ the help of a doctor and cosmetic surgeries in order to be the person they want to be.

There can be many things about a person’s head and face that they may not be happy with and different types of cosmetic surgeries that can help achieve those results. A robotic hair transplant at a Palo Alto specialist is one of the ways that people can help to alleviate the thinning hair that can really affect their self-esteem. There are various lifts that people can get to fix that sagging skin that comes with age. These types of lifts can really help to improve the look of age on a person’s face. There are numerous other types of surgeries and procedures that people can get to adjust the look of their face.

Many women opt to get various procedures on their breasts that can get the size and shape that they are looking for. Some women opt for breast augmentations because they wish that they were just a little bigger. Some women do this for their line of work and other women want them to boost their confidence. On the flip side, some women get breast reductions because they may be larger than is comfortable for their bodies. Large breasts can cause issues like shoulder pain and lower back issues because of the weight associated with large breasts. They also can choose to get them lifted. As women get older they tend to not be in the most optimal and attractive position. This procedure gets them in the best position for health and happiness in the way that you look.

Then there are various types of procedures that can help shape the body to the way the patient envisions their body to look. Liposuction is one of the procedures that can help to obtain these goals. Liposuction is the removal of the fat deposits under the skin. Even with a healthy diet and exercise, it can be difficult to reduce or eliminate these pockets. Getting your body to look the way that you want is important part of your self-esteem.

The medical advancements and the technology that we have today has made it possible to do all of the different things we can achieve today. These types of elective surgeries are just one of the things that the medical community is able to do through research and technology. Make sure to discuss all options and side effects with your doctor.

Disclaimer: We are unable to guarantee any results, even though most of our patients see success. The results of our services will vary greatly to each patient’s level of commitment and compliance with the program.

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What Your Hair Can Tell People About You

What Your Hair Can Tell People About You

Life can be difficult for women because of the preconceived standards that the world and society sets on them. It is a feeling that women need to look a certain way and exude a certain amount of femininity on a daily basis. Women are starting to break these standards, but there are still things that women do every day to feel good about themselves. When women feel good about themselves. other people feel good about them, too. A woman’s hair is incredibly important to who she is and the confidence that she has in herself. It can make her feel and certain way and communicate a feeling or idea to others without saying anything.

     A great hairdo can enhance the way a woman feels and the beauty she has. It can enhance certain features of her face that she is proud of and hide others that she is not so proud of. It can help to enhance her natural beauty and make her feel good about it.

     It can communicate what type of person she is without a word. A hairdo can tell someone if she is a professional, a bum, a stay at home mom, young, old, or healthy. The way it looks and the style that she does it in can actually lead people to understand what type of person she is. It will even tell them what her style is depending on the look of her hair. It can tell a lot about her personality based on how she does her hair.

     It can demonstrate that she takes care of herself. A hairstyle that is well maintained is not maintained in a day. It takes work, and that work can be seen by others. It is something that can do a lot to communicate a specific idea during a first impression. Caring about the way you look says a lot about who you are.

     It is a feature that can make you memorable because it will be something that is a focal point about the way you look. Beautiful hair with a great cut and a great style will be something that anybody will remember.

A woman’s hair is so important to her and her confidence on a daily basis. If you are dealing with hair loss, a Palo Alto doctor can help you to remedy that problem. Many times, a great specialist can help to make sure that thinning is not something you have to worry about forever. It is usually a correctable issue that just requires some time and some work on your part.

Disclaimer: We are unable to guarantee any results, even though most of our patients see success. The results of our services will vary greatly to each patient’s level of commitment and compliance with the program.

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